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N Word

N Word

Extreme Domination

N word is used endless times in this video of castration, penectomy, forced last jerk off, cum countdown, most extreme wording and verbal humiliation we made so far! She talks about having a BBC just before she chop the n cock off, cutting off n balls, reminiscence of the good old times on those cotton plants where naked n's picking cotton supervised by high white women on horses, ready to abuse, humiliate and even castrate their black male slaves! Endless dirty talking, endless times using the n word. At the end she offers a big relief for those men who got turned on by this scenario and are ready to squirt and explode any second... She counts you down from 10 to 0, to cum at the sight of a depraved white woman. An extreme dirty talking woman with big tits and a shameless loose mouth, saying at zero: "give me your n cum!".

Length 7:15 minutes.



Your penis in her jar!

Shockingly cruel dirty talk as she shows the gift from her new girl friend, a surgery nurse. A cut off penis from an accident, stolen from the hospital waste... She talks about how excited she was when she first saw this amputated male member and developed a faible for penectomy and castration. Talking about penis sizes... that her preserved penis from a young man is a bit small... girls party with penises in a jar... cutting the whole package off in a botched amateur surgery, with an ordinary small household scissor... that all men who behave wrong should get their penis chopped off... direct address the viewer about how he feels, if he is scared seeing a cut off penis in a jar... how a before tortured penis may look compared to this one... cock abuse before penectomy... about erected cocks of hung men... so just endless dirty talk about penectomy and castration!

Length 12 minutes.

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